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Gestion obso

Obsolescence management

The obsolescence represents a threat for companies even more in our domains of activity where the validation of a system could take several months, if not years. 

NCS SYSTEMS ensures permanent control over the sustainability of the products. Our partners suppliers are a means of ensuring the continuity of product’s delivery. However, the zero risk does not exist. So, it is necessary to establish surveillance of the data base to validate the manufacturer’s information and update the customer’s file.

The components that are subject to an obsolescence during the life cycle of the material will be identified and based on impact level on the system (low or strong). A data base of technological watch included the list of critical components will be done on the basis of risk analysis. At this step, there are 2 solutions: the use of spare parts put in stock (last buy offer) before the end of life of the product (EoL) or the new configuration for the system (retrofits). It depends on the impact level of the product on the system.

Our goals:

  • Standardisation of components:
  • Identify and anticipate obsolescence
  • Annual update of the initial list of components
  • Provide a commercial and technical proposition for obsolescence management
  • Suggest a component of replacement after functional validation
  • Continuous checking of the life cycle of the components
  • Continuous update of the database with information collected from manufacturers


Component of replacement does not exist and the last buy offer date of the component has not passed => NCS SYSTEMS can suggest you to do a strategic stock of this obsolete component.



During the integration of components in our PC, every part receives a serial number which is registered in our database.