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NIJKERK Computer Solutions in France

The integration of industrial computer systems is our core business.

Nijkerk Computer Solutions offers:

  • A complete offer thanks to its standard range of Industrial PC, Industrial Screen, Panel PC ...
  • Study and certification (UL, CE, ...) of specific products on specifications
  • A manufacturing of systems in small, medium and large series
  • Bay integration for a turnkey solution
  • Services: on-site installation, obsolescence monitoring, maintenance, documentation, training, personalized project management…

Our company, in constant evolution, now integrates on our site of Elancourt in Yvelines, more than 5000 industrial PCs per year and about 150 equipped bays.

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Extensive application areas covering all industrial sectors

NIJKERK Computer Solutions adapts its solutions and services to all the requirements of the sectors of Transport, Aeronautics, Defense and Security, Medical, Broadcast and Industry.

For all these sectors, NIJKERK Computer Solutions' expertise enables you to deploy hardware for the following applications:

  • Hardened and militarized calculator
  • Benchmark & Mesure
  • Human/Machine Interface
  • Machine control
  • Supervision
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Telecommunication
  • Simulation
  • Industrial Server