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Monday 26 June 2023

Have you ever wondered how industrial trains, screens and panels work? How are all your network equipment protected? Used on a daily basis, however, few people are familiar with IT SOLUTIONS and their use. Whether in industrial PCs, embedded PCs, shoebox, 19' rackable, PC panel, industrial monitor, rugged tablet, etc. And whatever the environment performance, Fanless, hardened, ultra powerful processors, compact format, militarized connectors waterproof, resistant to temperature, impact….


Industrial computing covers all the techniques of analysis design and programming of interfacing-based industrial computing systems. The devices concerned generally contain at least one microprocessor or microcontroller, as well as couplers for interfacing between industrial and computer machinery or equipment.

Industrial computing allows the production automation systems to be programmed, but also to detect their failures and to plan their maintenance. In general, it is the production line, or even the entire factory, that is controlled by the computer tool, whether it is a single mainframe computer or a network of computers connected together. It is present in production, whether through:

• Computer-aided manufacturing, which allows programming and control of production tools

•  Computer Assisted Production Management, which tracks the entire production cycle from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product

• Computer Assisted Maintenance


The IT tool is used to manage the project as a whole, both the plans and the links between components, terminal blocks or wiring harnesses. It also makes it possible to design electronic circuits and microprocessors. The software suite is used to perform circuit mapping, simulation, component placement and routing.

Industrial computing is now widely used in many fields. NCS SYSTEMS provides industrial computing systems in various fields such as Aerospace, Defense and Security, Industry, Medical and Transport. Computer engineers support their work by using software specific to each domain and environment.

System engineering is the key to finding the reliable and efficient solution that enables industrial projects of any scale. Our engineers design, analyse and organise the various industrial IT systems. NCS SYSTEMS is the IT system integrator for your COTS products, standard and tailor-made with the custom design solution.

NCS SYSTEMS your industrial IT partner is a specialist in production systems. We design, develop and integrate automated machine control software.

Your work environment is increasingly computerized and, to remain competitive, you need to continuously improve it. An IT partner is above all the right expertise to benefit from good advice.  At NCS SYSTEMS, we provide companies with all the benefits they can expect from a long-term collaboration to create a relationship of trust.

NCS SYSTEMS, your industrial IT partner, offers IT solutions for the most demanding markets. Ranging from PC Rackable 19" and shoebox to industrial monitors, not forgetting industrial PC Panel, industrial PC Fanless, militarized embedded PC, rail or maritime, but also rugged PCs with rugged laptops and tablets... our wide range of industrial computers allows you to manage your most complex IT projects. Indeed, our solutions respond to the most delicate environments (Noises, shocks, humidity, temperature, hot, cold, vibrations...)

NCS SYSTEMS supports you in the design of your most demanding projects, from 3D mechanical development to the performance of qualification tests (CEM, Tempest, MIL-STD 461G and 810H, DO 160, BV, UL…) for quantities ranging from prototype to series.

Regardless of the field of activity, IT equipment performs many complex tasks with extraordinary speed, precision and efficiency. When it comes time for your company to start a new project with a supplier, it is crucial to consider the options available to you. To do this, it is very important to select your industrial PC. For 27 years, NCS SYSTEMS, formerly Nijkerk Computer Solutions, has been an industrial IT supplier.

The performance of an electronic equipment depends greatly on the environment in which you will operate it. If your company is specialized in the military and you want to equip your submarines and frigate, the equipment must be able to withstand altitude by meeting aeronautical standards, depths and even water with the IP65 standard. Environmental constraints can also be related to temperature. If you work in food or transport, the material can warm up or on the contrary cool down easily. To do this, we would have to find industrial computers that have the power to support low and high temperatures with the most suitable components and accessories that do not ignite or that can perform cold starts. We do several types of tests such as temperature, EMC, humidity, salinity, sealing and shock and vibration resistance and specific shape factors.

Our industrial PCs are multi-protocol with powerful processors. Our technical experts handle the components before offering you an industrial IT equipment adapted to your needs. We perform various tests depending on the function of the hardware and the circumstances in which it will operate once operational. Unit tests, during their manufacture (component burning test, etc.) a test sheet for each machine, to ensure the proper functioning of all industrial PCs.

Obsolescence is a threat to companies, NCS SYSTEMS ensures you control the durability of products. Our various certifications (ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ESD, etc.) guarantee the quality of our solutions. All our products have a durability of 5 years. We offer distribution all of our partners' components (motherboard, power supply, input/output boards, industrial SSDs, etc.).

Our technical experts are at your disposal to answer you as soon as possible, to define or create the best material adapted to your needs.

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